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Numa by Spanians

Blue glitter girl Avarcas Kids

Blue glitter girl Avarcas Kids

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Welcome to the wonderful world of children's avarcas by Numa by Spanians. We are delighted to present a collection that combines comfort, exceptional quality, and unparalleled care for the feet of our little explorers.

At Numa by Spanians, we firmly believe in offering the best to our children, which is why our avarcas are handcrafted with the finest Spanish leathers. Quality is our priority, and each pair of avarcas has been carefully crafted to ensure maximum durability and comfort.

We understand the importance of foot health in the early stages of our little ones, which is why our avarcas are designed with their health and development in mind. Their design provides excellent support and allows the feet to breathe freely, promoting healthy growth.

But that's not all, at Numa by Spanians, we take pride in offering avarcas that are synonymous with lightweightness. We offer avarcas that are 25% lighter than the rest. Our little adventurers will be able to run, jump, and explore with total freedom thanks to the incomparable lightweightness of our avarcas, surpassing any other option on the market.

Behind each pair of avarcas is a story of freedom, craftsmanship, and love. Designed in the vibrant city of New York by a talented Dominican designer, Numa Torres. Our avarcas capture the essence of childhood joy and energy. And to complete this unique experience, each pair is manufactured with dedication and mastery in Spain, the birthplace of the art of footwear.

At Numa by Spanians, we don't just offer shoes, we offer a lifestyle. Join us on this exciting adventure and let your little one's feet enjoy the comfort, quality, and lightweightness that only our avarcas can offer. Discover our magic and the freedom to be yourself.


Product Details

- Glitter fabric/ leather

- Hand made in Spain

- Lightweight Eva sole

- Sole 25% less heavy than other Avarcas


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