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Numa by Spanians

Olive Avarca women flat

Olive Avarca women flat

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This model is called Auris. This Avarca is made in an olive green tone, which evokes the freshness of nature and the tranquility of the forests. Its minimalist and timeless design makes it an ideal option for any occasion. Our Olivo sandal is much more than just footwear, it is a style statement that combines the elegance and simplicity of a unique design. Made by our artisans in top quality Napa and mounted on a resistant, durable, and non-slip sole, it is perfect for walking on different surfaces.

Choose your size: 5, 6, 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 10 and 11

Check the size chart in the images section, as well as the tutorial on how to measure your foot to get the exact size

The NUMAS will adapt to your feet and not the opposite.... we must give a little time to that adaptation and then you might will not want to stop wearing them day and night. If you are between two sizes choose the next one.

Example if you wear 6.5 choose the 7. They will be the most comfortable, practical, versatile and chic handmade shoes.

Product Details

- Nappa leather

- Hand made in Spain

- Durable and non-slip rubber sole

- Sole 25% less heavy sole than other Avarcas

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